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If you would like to enquire about any of the following products please contact us on: Blacktown - (02) 8678 3110

Taping Accessories


Rigid tape is the most common type of sports tape used. It is advantageous in reducing risk of ankle sprains when applied to the ankle as well as providing stability to other large jonits such as the knee and shoulder.

Kinesio/K-Tape/Dynamic Tape


Sometimes you need the support of strapping tape with the freedom of movement and less chance of skin irritation. That's where K-Tape comes in.



Used to help reduce irritation from rigid strapping tape as well as helping rigid tape stick to you skin to provide you with support while on the sporting field or court.

Hand tearable Tape


A helpful item to compliment your strapping tape and maintain your comfort.

Tubular compression bandages

Exercise Bands


Theraband and Theraloop - Exercise bands are an easy way to add resistance to your exercises so you can get stronger muscles and continue your rehab program if you don't have access to fancy and expensive weights or machines.

Compression Bandages


Compression bandages, also known as Tubigrip are an excellent way of reducing swelling and allowing you to restore your range of motion.

Braces and Supports

Knee Braces


Knee braces are an excellent way of complimenting your physio rehab by supporting your knee in those returning to sport experiencing chronic degenerative knee niggles like osteoarthritis.

ROM Brace


ROM brace's are specific knee braces needed when you've strained your knee ligaments.

Lumbar Support Belt 


Who hasn't had back pain? A great way to take pressure off your back which you can use while working around the house or even in the future in case you have ongoing niggles is with a lumbar support belt.

SIJ/Maternity Belt


More specific than the lumbar support belt to pregnant women suffering with back pain. A convenient way to reduce your back pain which you can keep for future pregnancies.

Tennis elbow brace


Tennis elbow braces are used to take pressure of the outside of the elbow more commonly used by desk/office workers, electricians, painters, gym goers and tennis players.

Patella Tendonitis


A fantastic brace used to manage and prevent pain at the front of the bottom of your knee cap commonly used by all ages of men and women training in high volumes of running based sports. Examples inclued soccer, netball rugby league, AFL, basketball and tennis.

Wrist braces


Essential for keeping your wrist in a stable position during aggravating or repetitive activities such as typing, gripping or lifting weights.

Thumb braces


Specially made for pain at the back of your thumb which radiates into the wrist, known as De Quervains Tenosynovitis or inflamed thumb tendons

Ankle guard


Ever rolled your ankle? Instead of always having to get somebody to strap it for you, you can just slip on an ankle guard and never have the hassle or risk of irritation ever again.Commonly used by netball, soccer, football and basketball players.

Postural supports


D roll for chair - Some of us slouch or sit in terrible postures for extended periods at work. D roll supports are an easy way to prop us up to sit in a good position throughout the working day so that we're not hunching over and overloading our muscles and joints.

Home care & Age Care Equipment

Ice pack


Fast and effective way at reducing swelling and pain post acute injuries.

Foam rollers


An easy tool to roll out tight muscles or stretch upper backs for a variety of injuries no matter where on your body they occur.



Anti-inflammatory cream to rub into tight and inflamed muscles for fast and effective relief of your muscular pain.



Orthotics are used to stop feet rolling in or support flat feet as well as improve comfort and reduce injuries in people with high foot arches or foot and ankle injuries.

Gutter splints


Nobody likes jarring their finger at home, at work or on the sporting field. In case you do, you might need one of these to allow quicker healing time and re-alignment of your muscles and soft tissue. Just be sure to check with your physio first.

Massage balls


Spiky ball, Lacrosse ball. A great way to get into and release tight and sore muscles after gym, sport or work.

Ergonomic pillows


Not getting a good night sleep because of your neck pain? Try our ergonomic pillows for a comfortable nights sleep.



Pulleys are a fantastic tool you can use to regain your shoulder range of motion after an injury. Best used after shoulder surgeries such as rotator cuff repairs, labral repairs or shoulder reconstructions.

Heels Cups


Heels cups are a great way to support your heels and take pressure off them when you experience heel and foot discomfort with long periods of standing, walking or running.

Cam boot


A necessary item to omprove walking ability, comfort and fracture heeling with foot and ankle fractures.

Balance disc/Foram


Did somebody say advanced stage ankle rehabilitation?

You need to have a balance disk. Manipulating the surface makes it so much hader to balance therefore challenging your ankle and lower leg muscles to work that much harder. This puts them in a fantastic position to be able to brace you the next time you feel like you're about to sprain your ankle therefore reducing recurrence

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